Collaborative research to improve agricultural productivity and reduce environmental impact.

UAV-Based Remote Sensing

UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, also known as drone. A small and flexible remotely operated aircraft used to carry sensors gathering information on collect crop health.

Remote Sensing: Measurement of electromagnetic radiation from a target area in the field of view of the sensor instrument (White, 1977). For example, determine yield components using plant spectral reflectance.

Multispectral Camera: camera that collects electromagnetic (e.g. light) energy at multiple wavelengths. For example example, Blue, Green, Red, and Infrared.

Data Processing & Mapping

Field images are corrected for distortions ( orthorectified ) and stitched into a single seamless image. Analysis of the multispectral energy, for example comparing RED and INFRARED, can indicate areas of field affected by pests.


Analysis of the field data can inform decisions on pest management, water and irrigation, germination problems, as well as harvesting plans.


Informed by the spatial variability in the field, proper control action can be taken. In the spirit of precision agriculture: applying the right actions, at the right place, at the right time.

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